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This hair-spa procedure is taking over the world by storm

By Rubi Samano

Let me tell you a little story…

A few months ago, I was browsing Beauty YouTube, as I oftentimes do, when I get hit by this video:

Eeeeverything about it screamed “This is going to be the next big thing”

I mean look at that headline: “I waited 3 months…”, “Fully Booked”, “Coveted all over the world”

And then when you go into the video itself, it’s a 1 hour demo of her 125 min session.

The creator, then goes to mention that the spa owner only takes in one client per day so she can focus solely on them and provide the best experience possible.

So what’s included in this Head Spa experience? Let’s dive in.

  1. Welcome & Scalp Assessment: The session begins with a personalized scalp assessment, laying the foundation for a customized treatment plan. This initial step sets the tone for addressing the client’s specific needs.
  2. Tea time & Choosing Aromas: Clients are invited to enjoy a moment of tranquility, selecting their favorite tea and aromas. Meanwhile, the practitioner prepares for the upcoming session, creating a serene atmosphere for the client to unwind.
  3. Neck & Shoulder Massage: To kickstart the relaxation process, a soothing neck and shoulder massage are administered. This step not only eases tension but also ensures the client is in the perfect state of mind for the rest of the session.
  4. Shampoo Time: The hair magic begins with a unique shampoo session. The scalp is treated with a white carbon powder and massaged using lymphatic drainage techniques. A specialized hair spa contraption, resembling an upside-down sprinkler, adds a touch of innovation to the rinsing process.
  5. Arm & Hand Massage: While the hair is prepared for the next phase, clients indulge in an arm and hand massage, heightening the overall spa experience.
  6. Hot Steam Towel & Deep Conditioning Treatment: A hot steam towel is applied, followed by a deep conditioning treatment with a heat coating element. This step protects and repairs damaged hair, leaving it with a radiant shine.
  7. Hot Steam, Scalp & Neck Massage Continued: The combination of the deep conditioner, scalp massage, and steam creates a holistic experience that addresses the scalp’s unique needs.
  8. Acupressure Face Massage: Elevating relaxation to the next level, an acupressure face massage is incorporated while the deep conditioner works its magic on the hair.
  9. Rinse Hair, Shoulder Massage, Foot Massage: The session progresses with a thorough rinse, followed by shoulder and foot massages, ensuring every part of the body is attended to.
  10. “After Tea” and Final Touches: The service concludes with a refreshing Tansan Spray into the hair, in-chair massages, and hot stones. The practitioner meticulously styles the hair, providing a final (and thoughtful!) touch to the transformative journey.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Specialization Overload is Unnecessary: The Head Spa success story proves that you don’t need to offer every service imaginable to become fully booked. Instead, focusing on a unique, immersive experience can set your salon apart.
  2. Customer Experience is Paramount: The key to the Head Spa’s popularity lies in the unparalleled customer experience. From the personalized assessments to the in-chair massages, every detail is designed to make the client feel pampered and valued.
  3. Expertise Matters: In an era where specialization is celebrated, being a subject matter expert in your field remains crucial. Knowing your service inside out allows you to cater to the specific needs of your customers, ensuring a memorable and satisfying experience.
  4. Innovation garners attention: Nothing about this head spa procedure is new. Massages have existed for centuries, aromatherapy as well… The fact that she introduces us to the head spa contraption, the microscope and takes us through her process is what reels us into it. The fact that it appears so relaxing, that she dedicated her day just for you. This is not typical. Finding your “not typical” is so important to standing out against the competition.

So tell me, do you want to try this out for yourself now? Because I do!




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