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3 retreat-like Vancouver beauty and wellness must try spots

By Rubi Samano

Vancouver is known for being a few things. Rainy, check. Entrepreneurial, check. Foodie, major check.

What we are not touting as much is the fact that we have so many great spots for relaxation and rejuvenation. So, as I burn the midnight oil more and more these days, hopping in for a massage, yoga session, or scalp treatment, has become more of a need in my day to day rather than a luxury.

Here’s a few spots that you can count on to lower your cortisol levels and increase all the good vibes.

#1 Enhance Arts Spa

Enhance Arts is such a gem. You can visit either their Olympic Village location or their Yaletown location and expect consistent, zen, friendly treatment. From their reflexology to their full body massages, this spot is so thought out to bring you a luxurious yet down to earth, relaxing experience. Not only this, their inhouse tea is packed with delicious ingredients that will have you breathing slower and melting into your chair. Feeling like you need an added dose of snooze? Try the CBD oil enhanced tea. Thank me later!

#2 Jaybird Studio

I went to Jaybird a couple of years ago with one of my best friends — she quite literally dragged me out of the gloomy Vancouver season and into this candle-lit infrared yoga studio heaven that became a safe space for leaving all my worries at the door. What this place does right: They know their clientele. When you go to a yoga class you want to not think too much about anything really. Not even what you look like while in child’s pose. Jaybird understands the assignment by dimming all the lights and allowing you to focus on your breathing and how the moves themselves feel. In doing so, everyone gets to enjoy their own unique moving meditation experience. The classes are varied and welcoming for all experience levels, my personal favourite is their Yin style class ‘The Balance‘.

#3 Willow Stream Spa @ Fairmont Pacific Rim

Willow Stream Spa has been named one of the Best Spas in the World by CN Traveler’s Readers’ Choice Awards and for a reason. If you’re looking for the ultimate luxurious experience in facials and spas, then this is one you’ll want to add to your list. Perched on the 5th floor of the hotel, you’ll get some nice views, access to their amenities (hellooo jacuzzi!), sauna and lounges in addition to your service. We did promise retreat-like experiences. Opt for a customized facial or their Stress Relief massage for the best night’s sleep.


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