Elle Marie Spa

How Studio Chitchat helped Elle Marie Spa build a brand and double its clientele.

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Elle Marie struggled with balance. Between her clients’ services and running her business, Elle was working 11-hour days juggling it all. Sound familiar?

Elle Marie Spa is a spa located in the Del Amo Fashion Center in Torrance, California. It’s known as the one-stop shop for all things beauty, from waxing and massages to facials and oxygen therapy. The treatments are what founder, Elle Marie, defines as “affordable luxury.”  Their mission is to give people the option to have a spa experience as a regular part of their health routine.


  • Brand refresh with new logo, colours and typography
  • Social media management and content creation
  • Website and SEO
  • Email and SMS marketing
  • Content management and team coordination


Elle Marie started working with Rubi in 2019.

“She immediately made an effort to understand my business.” 

Rubi’s approach to marketing was different from what other agencies had offered. She knew how to manage Elle’s ideas, and keep her on track with goals and actions. But, what Elle appreciates the most is that she provided solutions, taking that pressure off her shoulders.

“Rubi gave me solutions to problems I didn’t know I had… She helped me make decisions I couldn’t make, but I trusted her.”

Rubi’s approach to marketing is holistic. She not only worked on campaigns to increase bookings, but she also worked on harmonizing her brand and building awareness for long-term results. Rubi took over Elle’s social media, email blasts, and SMS campaigns, and re-vamped her brand and website. Now, Elle Marie Spa is consistent across customer touchpoints, so the client experience starts the second you find Elle online.

These solutions often included finding experts in different fields to help build the Elle Marie brand. Rubi took care of finding the right experts so Elle didn’t have to worry about knowing where to look, who to hire and delegating work. “Rubi connected the dots for me” 



A non-existent and inconsistent brand.

Elle Marie struggled with balance. Between her clients’ services and running her business, Elle was working 11-hour days juggling it all. While her heart and talent belong to aesthetics, she knew marketing her business was essential to bringing traffic through the door. At the time, new clients only found her through word-of-mouth, the mall where the spa is located, and Yelp.

As she tried to manage her social media channels, Elle grew frustrated. When she found the time to do it, she wouldn’t know what to post or when. Her brand image was disconnected from her vision.

 “I’d come to work from 10 to 9 pm, do my clients and then try to come up with a post, figure out a time to post it, try to take pictures of what we were doing… It was all over the place.”

When Elle finally decided to outsource this area of her business, she couldn’t find a marketing agency that got her. The work didn’t resonate with her and her customers; sometimes creating more work for her. She didn’t know exactly what she needed, but something had to change. 


THE Results

Elle Marie’s website started showing results. It ranked higher and higher on Google, to the point where notable beauty Youtuber Jackie Aina found her through a simple Google search. Jackie featured Elle in a video giving the spa more exposure. 

As their work together continued, the seeds Rubi planted flourished and the spa became more profitable. Elle Marie has become a destination, not just a stop while visiting the mall.

“I can’t explain it. Rubi tells me she’s going to do something, and then a few months later I see all of these transactions and bookings. Wait a minute… what happened? Most new clients find us through Google now.”

Rubi created a funnel that keeps Elle Marie Spa’s estheticians busy, and customers coming back. While Google works in the background, Rubi is building a social media presence with content that reflects the Elle Marie Spa personality and brand—all of Elle Marie’s team is involved in the creative process!  

“I’m so grateful for her. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time, to actually have my brand be what I want it to be and come across as I want it to be perceived. It’s finally coming across that way”

Now, Elle can wear her CEO hat and plan for the next steps, including growing her team, and opening a new location.


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